Bosom friend,

I would certainly like you to take a minute and address this very crucial, though possibly surprising, inquiry: “What age will you be when you die?”

The reality is, lots of people do not ever before truly consider how long they’re most likely to live, but when asked the question, they normally have a very specific age in mind.

” What happens if I informed you I could help you discover more time to enjoy the finer things in life? … without transforming your life upside-down. Would not you jump at the possibility?” Quite some time ago, when I was presented with this same inquiry, I was surprised at exactly how quickly I addressed it. And also what’s even more, my voice said the number with such an absolute sentence, it practically frightened me.

So go ahead, take a couple of seconds and address the complying with concern: “What age will you be when you die?”


Since you have obtained a number in your head, let me show you just how answering this very important concern might in fact for life transform your life … and help you construct a better body (one that you as well as others can be happy with)!

See, if you resemble lots of people, as soon as you were asked this inquiry … you got to your solution based upon several factors– as an example, from family members’ case histories or real deaths of close senior citizens in your life. Or, maybe you simply had a number “pop” into your head, like 77, because the United State Census Bureau has been informing us– for numerous years currently– that’s the average age when most Americans die.

Now, think it or not, the number you subsequently developed is dead-on! That’s more than most likely the exact age you’ll be when you leave this planet.

( Keep reviewing if you want to learn * how * to increase the longevity of your life …).

Your “Extra” Years Are That You Are.
Probably we have a secret hope that somehow we won’t ever before die– even though there is no proof from human history that this is possible or that it’s ever before occurred. It’s almost as if the topic of fatality will jinx you, so it’s forbidden. That’s simply not real.

Today, certainly, many physicians and also clinical researchers agree that dynamic modern technologies and also clinical breakthroughs, integrated with a healthy and balanced diet as well as workout practices, can raise the variety of years we’ll live.

Still, in my opinion, living longer is not always our main goal. Rather, it’s a lot more crucial to enhance the top quality of our lives, today … as in this actual minute … and after that continue with the next day and more etc, for the remainder of our lives. That’s what matters– now! Don’t you concur?

Well, I have just recently encountered a superb “psychological workout”– a powerful technique if you will certainly– that can do simply that.

What happens if I told you I could assist you discover more time to appreciate the finer things in life? Re-energize yourself entirely to handle any brand-new difficulties you want. Re-build your physical health and wellness and establish your body to a brand-new level. All without transforming your life upside-down. Would not you leap at the chance?

Well, I did. Currently, I wish to show you how you can do it as well. It’s a procedure that will instantly enhance the top quality of your life … as well as also prolong the years you’re around to appreciate it. (The workout was developed by a buddy of mine from Canada and adjusted from the “Life-Time Extender ™” by Dan Sullivan.).

Currently, I desire * you * to experience the powerful pressure it can have on your life …

The Wonderful Life-Time Enhancer ™.
Alright. Here’s just how it works:

Identify what age you * think * you are most likely to be when you die.
You have currently established your “pre-determined” age of fatality. Go ahead and make a note of this number on a piece of paper, or print this out and document the number next to this paragraph.
For example, I first thought I was going to live to be 100 years old.

Determine the amount of * additional * years you believe are feasible to live.
Currently, address this extremely crucial concern: “The amount of ‘extra’ years would you like to live– beyond your originally planned year of fatality?”.
List the variety of “extra” years you’d like to add to your life.

For example, I added an “added” 10 years.

Choose which tasks you would like to do * extra * of during these “extra” years.
To put it simply, think about all the wonderful things you would certainly do more of– tasks you would spend your time doing, such as traveling the world, taking much better care of your physical look, strengthening an existing partnership, or perhaps writing a publication. It can be anything you desire!
Take a moment to think of this– it’s a vital inquiry. Go on as well as create a listing of at least 5 tasks you want to focus on during your “extra” years.

Right here are some specific categories to function from …

For me, my leading 5 tasks were: (1) Exercise more frequently: to have the same physical shape, condition, and stamina as I do now at 31 years old; (2) Be able to contribute 10% off all my finances to my better half’s favored charity– The Family members Giving Tree; (3) Traveling the world and see each of the 9 “space needle” towers; (4) Make my spouse, Julia, and our two women poke fun at least when every day; (5) Total a book that is profound and groundbreaking in helping people attain and live their very best lives; Last: End up being identified by our U.S. President for the contribution I have made to Americans as well as their level of physical fitness.

Identify * what * your “added” year’s activities say about your life, right now.
As shocking as it may sound, you could not understand the little (or big, I should state!) “method” you’ve just played on your mind.
First of all, you have simply “persuaded” on your own that you will no longer live to your pre-determined age because you’ve established a brand-new set number. Much more importantly, you have currently re-established your lifeline. See, by adding years to your life and also completing the tasks you’ll be appreciated during your “added” years, you have developed a completely new, stimulating purpose for your life.

My only question delegated to you, my friend, is: “Why are you refraining from these tasks NOW ?!”.

Consider that question for a moment. Look back over your listing of “added years” tasks and ask on your own … why am I not seeking those points now?

What are you waiting on …? Did you need to wait until someone stated you have just a minimal variety of years left, or that you could be provided some “additional” years to understand you can appreciate life currently? Are you thus numerous millions of people who are waiting on the “correct time” before they start actually * living *? I hope not.

Remember, there’s a pretty good opportunity you’re not mosting likely to seem like it’s ever the “correct time” in your life. As you already know, “at some point” is not a day of the week either. And before you understand it … well … life has just gone and also passed you by.

When I addressed this concern myself, it was fairly an innovation … it was when I lastly realized that while I don’t wish to live daily like it’s my last (that would be silly and also unsafe!), I determined to start pursuing those points I had been “holding off” on or waiting until things were “ideal.”.

I am more than happy to say because I initially answered these questions, I’ve currently traveled to visit 4 of the nine “space needle” towers– in Auckland, New Zealand; Sydney, Australia; Toronto, Canada; as well as Seattle, Washington. I’ve begun creating my book. And also, I make it an indicate make my wife and also youngsters laugh every day!

I still have a long way to go … but I’ve started on my quest to live my life on “my terms” as well as not “Papa Time’s.” And also while I continue to make wellness as well as my physical development among my leading 3 priorities in life, I recognize I can take my body to yet one more level– the best body my genetics will certainly permit on my terms– if I stay concentrated on it as a long-lasting task!

” … daily allows you to do the activities and also achieve the things in life that represent who you really are and exactly how you truly should be living your life!” What do your “extra” years tasks claim about your life? Exist some or every one of them that you would love to be doing currently? I bet it’s risk-free to state you would certainly be, with an impressive “Yes!”.

Construct an “activity plan” to start * living * the initial day of your brand-new life!
Currently, allow’s reverse the thinking about waiting up until that “someday” shows up, and also pick to do things that would certainly make you feel most completely satisfied in life (consisting of building a better body), by producing an action strategy.
You can begin today by making the decision to begin doing those activities you’ve provided in your “extra” years, which would stimulate you, make you healthier and also stronger, and also aid you remain fired up and also determined over the coming years.

Below’s exactly how …

Simply select one of the five activities you’ve noted above. (I’ve located it’s much easier to concentrate on only one point which allows you to achieve the best effect.) So, as soon as you’ve decided which of the five activities you wish to focus on, circle it on your checklist, and after that compose it out once more listed below your listing of activities.

Next, besides your chosen activity, write out the initial action you can take today to aid “jump-start” your energy.

As an example, when I initially listed “travel the globe,” I documented next to it, “Inspect readily available trips online and block out one full week on my schedule for a getaway.”.

Writing this down made it a lot more actual, as well as a lot more likely that it would occur. Quickly after that, I called my other half and chatted with her regarding what we were most likely to do, asked her to choose which city we would certainly go to, and afterward called a pal that stayed in Toronto to set up a time to go to with him and his household … and began making reservations for flights, resorts, and even dinners.

Voila! Just as quickly as I listed something that was planned for my “added” years of living– from 100 to 110– I was doing it, now!

What an unbelievable sensation … it was so powerful to understand that I was taking full control of my life as well as doing those things that would have otherwise been postponed up until “someday” or when I was retired, older, or possibly, had I lived only to 100, never would have taken place whatsoever.

Live Every Day based on Your “Extra” Years.
Make indisputable concerning it, by executing this powerful “mental workout,” you’ll have removed your original life “plan” and also are now in a placement to cost-free yourself from all typical considerations and also constraints about what your “previous” life would certainly have resembled. Then every day, from now on, allows you– starting today– to do the tasks and also accomplish the important things in life that represent who you truly are as well as how you truly should be living your life!