When trusting Jesus more, leads to questioning traditional lore
The Preterist Bible is here!

The Preterist Bible is here!

The Preterist Bible (now in its second edition) is finished and ready to order!

When you begin to study the Bible from a Preteristic, Fulfilled or Realized eschatological view and examine the Bible in its original languages, you quickly begin to see how much of the Bible was mistranslated, translated poorly, left out or otherwise changed in order to fit a futuristic and material-minded story rather than a fulfilled and spiritual one. Thus, this Bible has been translated free from futurist bias. The fulfilled or preterist view is the fastest growing eschatological view among both scholars and laypeople around the world today. Thus, many people have been eagerly awaiting a Bible that shows this view more clearly in Scripture.

For example:

  • Over 100 imminent eschatological time statements were left out of the KJV and 85 were left out of the NIV, but the Fulfilled Covenant Bible includes them and translates them correctly without a futurist bias

Also: This is a small sampling of terms that do NOT exist in the original Scriptures, yet they get smuggled into both the text,  Bible notes, theology and the Christian popular imagination. In other words, these are not, strictly speaking, Biblical terms:

  • Second Coming (its presence of Jesus)
  • Return of Jesus (nor personal return, or bodily return, its just coming or presence)
  • Resurrection of the body (its resurrection from the death or dead ones)
  • End of the world (its end of the AGE – big difference!)
  • End of time (its’ “time of the end,” as in, end of the Old Covenant age)
  • Last Judgment (its A judgment)
  • Final Judgment (its A judgment)
  • Hell (its Hades or Gehenna)

The Preterist Bible, which we are calling the Fulfilled Covenant Bible, seeks to more accurately translate the text and not add to it and not take away from it. Just like the Preterist’s rally cry, “Read the text. Don’t add to it, and don’t take away from it. And use Scripture to interpret Scripture.” What happens if we trust that it says what it says like it says it – for a reason? What you may see happen is that he Bible tells a different eschatological story than what tradition has been preaching. The eschatology in the Bible is the story of the beginning and end of the Old Covenant AGE. This was the ‘world’ or AGE that was in its “Last Days” while the New Testament was being written – hence over 100 imminent time statements that try to get readers to see this. These eschatological statements are 100% imminent and 100% aimed at their stated first century audience regarding the “end” that they were “about to” experience.  It was the Old Covenant age that was consummated in 70AD at Jesus’ spiritual coming into His spiritual Kingdom – which is US! It was the coming that raised the dead body of Adam (the age of law) into the living body of Christ (the age of grace) on the Last Day of the Old Covenant age.

Both the Fulfilled Covenant Bible and the rich commentary on each book are a valuable read and perspective to consider if you have not already. This would make a great gift for your theologically minded friends and family on Christmas. Over dozens of Preterist scholars, pastors and authors collaborated on this project to bring you the Fulfilled Covenant Bible a wonderful compilation of both a Bible and Bible commentary. Check it out!

Disclosure: I contributed many of the graphics and visuals for this Bible, though I receive no financial gain from it.

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  1. Chris Palios says:

    Riley,I am unable to order for some reason. pay pal will not come up for me .I would like to order 2 bibles .Could someone please call me from your office so I may do so?480-249-5624. Im very impressed w/ this site..as Iam new to the Preterist family.Oh and by the way I have a son named Riley too.:)..look forward to hearing from you.Ty Chris Palios .

    • Riley says:

      Hi Chris,
      THanks for stopping by and for your complements on my site. Please let me know if you have any specific feedback of something you’d like to see more of or a question you have on your journey, especially bring new to the ‘family’. And, congrats on your new discovery of a fulfilled view! Its like a whole new world, in the best way.
      The Paypal site for ordering the Fulfilled Covenant Bible is working now. Enjoy!

      • Chris Palios says:

        Riley,I ordered 2 of your Bibles through a friend in Canada being sent to Orland Park il,as I was not able to get pay pal to work for me,,SOOO Excited to get the Bible w/ its correct translations…From the very bottom of my heart,you have done such an EXELLENT,job on this site,and it has enriched my life as never before in my 32 yr walk w/Christ…and I have learned so much just on your site here,and share much of what Ive learned w/ many friends,OH what a difference seeing scripture in light of it being fulfilled.Im really on cloud 9 and the high of my life.I stand on luke 21:20-22 w/ all my being and see things w/ new eyes as never before.I saved your site for future studies …Im on a roll now.TY Riley for your outstanding/and simple to under stand work on this site…Its like an Artesian well.Im blessed..Back at you.Chris.

        • Riley says:

          Wow, Chris, I’m humbled and delighted by your encouraging words. You are experiencing exactly what I had hoped would come from sharing my work here. It’s an exciting realization, isn’t it? It changes everything. What courage and independent thinking you must have! Please keep reading and sharing this site with whoever it would be beneficial for. And do let me know if there is a specific question that you would like me to address. If it’s something related to your journey to a fulfilled view, chances are that I’ve worked through it too.

          • Chris Palios says:

            Riley,I wish i could plug my heart into computer screen and you could see all that is going on w/ me,I just cant put it into words,,I feel like I have a Phd in eschatology,and Im just a couch potato theologian.I have no questions as of now,and Ty Ty Ty for asking if I do.You really deserve so much more than a Ty,Im blown away w/ all the incredible info on your site.I can feast here for a lifetime.My great desire now is to spread this TRUTH to others,so far Ive gotten silence,or Chris theres more to life than ,just Eschatolgy,and it all boils down to if you have Jesus all is good,and love peace and unity in the spirit ….My friends have dogged me erased my post Ive sent them..deleted me as friends from fb..Ill just keep trying…And Im praying God will use me mightily now and in the future to boldly share this outstanding truth that has been undermined by mans imagination….My hand is raised to God ..here am I oh Lord,Pray Riley for me that God opens a door for me to proclaim his true word to many people.This has been heavy on my heart….Until then,Ill just continue being a sponge..

        • Riley says:

          Chris, I SO hear you and understand what you’re feeling these days! Hang in there. I will pray for supportive fellowship for you and for God to keep guiding you. This fire in your belly will find a great outlet in teaching, sharing and creating community and a momentum with other open-minded learners. It may be lonely now, but someday you will have the great honor of being a huge blessing to others by your having shared this with them. They will say “thank you, you changed my life” to you, too.

  2. Is there a hard copy available?

  3. Mary says:

    I can’t wait to get my own copy. I love love love love the truth of the New Covenant/fulfilled prophecy — Preterism.

  4. Yes Rich we do; we certainly do!
    Call me if you still have my #…

  5. Rich Duncan says:


    do you have a contact for these people. I ordered a copy back on Dec 8th and it has not showed up yet. I went to their website but there is no email or other contact info anywhere to be found to contact them. Not a good sign.

  6. Matthew Schultz says:

    First 500 shipped 1-14-13. I recieved notice from paypal tht mine was shipped 1-26-13. They are on their way…

  7. E-mail me at pbp500@cox.net. We had 2 labels come off. Not sure who they were shipped to. Again, e-mail me if you ordered in Nov or Dec and it has not arrived. Also, sent some early January orders out. Most Jan and Feb orders shipping Feb 28th; second edition. Did not anticipate such a huge response. We were overwhelmed at first. Now things running smoothly.

    • Stanley Clayton says:

      Hi Michael. I am a new believer in the orthodox/ preterist view and ordered one of your bibles last week. I don’t have any way it seems of tracking whether or not it’s on its way or what. How long should it take to reach me? It’s been a week already, and I haven’t heard anything or know who to call. I tried to email you via the email provided on the paypal email receipt but the message was returned saying I couldn’t send emails to that address. I started thinking it was a scam because Ive never been able to not track my shipments before – until now. So if could provide some help, I would be ever grateful, because this has been a bit nerve wrecking.
      Thanks Michael! I appreciate what you’re doing. It’s going to help millions, even billions. God bless.

      • Riley says:

        Hi Stanley, rest assured the fulfilled covenant bible is real, no scam :) And youll be getting a better more updated version than when i wrote that post about it! I hope you do get in touch with Michael and get your copy. Let me know if you dont hear back from him. 612-802-3409

      • Riley says:

        Stanley, the FC Bible is for real! No scam. Let me know if you dont hear from Michael soon and ill see if i can help. Blessings to you,

        • Hi Riley. Stanley here again.
          I’m sorry to bother you, but I did not hear from Michael again. I’ve enailed him but only get an automatic response email, and there’s no way of reaching him that I’ve found. Also I used the number you provided me to reach you, and I left a message, but I haven’t heard back from you. I know that we get busier in certain seasons than others and I want to be respectful and conscious of that, but I’m kind of at a loss about what I am to expect regarding either the bible I ordered or the money I’ve spent to get it. If you could, give me a call at 414-334-1016 at your earliest convenience with whatever information you could provide regarding what I should do and how.
          Thank you very much for your patience. Look to hear from you soon. God bless. :-)

  8. Stanley C says:

    Thank you so much Riley! I really appreciate the response. Unfortunately, I emailed him and got an automatic reply message saying that they should be done this month. So, even though I haven’t gotten in touch with a real person, I’ve decided to wait it out and be a little more patient

  9. Brent says:

    I waited for 6 months, never came , email after email, tried to get pay pal to refund but , it was past the date. So I called Don and Tony, 2 guys who actually wrote some of it. They did not get their copy either, Finally had to threaten to make a complaint with Attorney general and BBB. Mike said to be a little more patient, I figured I would just get my money back [which i did] and buy it later if it actually ever really was published. Has anyone received one yet? if so email : theprocover@gmail.com

    • Riley says:

      Yes, it is real I have five copies. It is now in its third reprinting. That is the one you are waiting for. Real leather bound and bible paper. My old copies are huge and soft cover. If you’re desperate to get one you can buy an old one from me.

  10. Would really LOVE IT if there is a plan for this bible to be made into a purchase module for THEWORD bible study software… :)

  11. robert frank taylor says:

    dear sir or madam: please send me an e mail if you have any copies of the fulfilled covenant bible for sale, and payable by check.please send me the full details.

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