When trusting Jesus more, leads to questioning traditional lore

The 5 S’s of Church Error

The Five S’s of Church Error

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  1. Tuese Ahkiong says:

    Aloha Riley,
    Thank you for your ministry, sista. I just caught your talk on the The 5 S’s of Church Error. Great job!!! It’s laser focused on addressing important questions on eschatology and preterism.
    I have several friends that believe I am now a heretic b/c of my preterist beliefs.
    I heard you’re interested in answering questions. Well… here goes:
    How do we demonstrate from Scripture that
    1) the resurrection has taken place? What is your understanding of the resurrection? Is it corporate?
    2) the great white throne judgment has taken place?
    3) Jesus did not return physically?
    4) the devil is in the lake of fire?
    5) Daniel’s 70 weeks has been fulfilled? btw, when did it begin and end?
    6) the thousand years in Revelation has been fulfilled in 40 years?
    7) the rapture “was” not physical?

    8) Do you believe that Scripture teaches demonic/occultic activity still occurs?
    9) What happens after death?
    10) If God has elected a group of people to be His own from the foundation of the world, then how can the world go on forever?
    11) Now that we are in the new heaven and earth, what do we do?

    Thank you,

    • rybeana says:

      Thank you for listening, and for your positive feedback. I appreciate it!
      These are good questions, and they each have great answers. I have learned and written about these topics and will share what I’ve learned by making tabs on this site aimed at answering these common questions…as soon as I learn how to make tabs! Which I hope will be soon. I’d like to make this site a valuable resource for people just like you and your friend. Keep asking, seeking, learning and discussing this – you won’t be disappointed!


    … the tree of life with its twelve kinds of fruit, yielding its fruit each month. The leaves of the tree ARE for the healing of the nations.

    Rev 22:3 No longer IS anything accursed, but the throne of God and of the Lamb IS HERE, and his servants DO worship him.
    Rev 22:4 They DO see his face, and his name IS on their foreheads.

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