When trusting Jesus more, leads to questioning traditional lore
Preterist Testimonies. Opened Eyes. Changed Lives.

Preterist Testimonies. Opened Eyes. Changed Lives.

Here’s my story, in short.


Was like whip-lash at first … it caused a paradigm shift … but not to be feared, as it brought a bigger, more loving and present experience of Jesus … but at first, it wasn’t easy … like many, my story began with a healthy curiosity about the accuracy of futurism … it was marked by a growing awareness of the shadyness of the recent origin of dispensationalism and it’s influence on modern Christian beliefs … I spent a comfortable and temporarily satisfying sojourn in the land of Partial Preterism … then curiosity caused me to take a deeper look … many nights were spent feverishly re-reading the Bible … many days were marked by a note of terror as I realized where the conclusions were leading … I scrambled to prayerfully examine all other possible views … I felt oscillating emotions ranging from astonishment and joyful, humbling, gratitude to waves of shame for questioning tradition … then a fear of isolation set in … more Biblical and historical research … led to asking myself, am I someone who will stand for truth in the face of persecution? even persecution from the mainstream church? … thankfully this brought my husband and me closer … it led to deconstructing and reconstructing our faith … to reading Jesus’ words plainly and accepting them as true … and to rejoicing in what we found as the wonderful plan of our Good God all along … created a desire to talk with church leaders about this incredible new learning … brought disappointment in being condescended to … brought the realization that this truth might cost something dear … led to a realization that we would pay any price to keep this kernel of truth … led to the DAWNING OF A NEW DAY and opening of NEW WORLDS of not yet imagined POSSIBILITIES in our lives … produced OVERWHELMING JOY, AWE and WONDER AT GOD’S GRACE TO US … BRINGS CONTINUAL EXCITEMENT THAT THE GOSPEL OF THIS KINGDOM REALLY IS GOOD NEWS! … produces deeper FAITH, joyful WORSHIP, the splendor of the awareness of God’s PRESENCE here and now… In Short: W A  S  W O R T H   I T!


William writes  . .

Saved at age 20 … Ordained to the ministry on my 21st Birthday as a Southern Baptist Pastor … now, 50 YEARS LATER and retired, I discovered Preterism … wonderful to discover truth, but somewhat frustrating also to realize I could have done more to help others if I had come to see these truths sooner … still, I am pressing on to learn more in this arena and to do what I can where I am now. William, from Alabama, Winter 2010 Issue of FULFILLED MAGAZINE (a fantastic free publication).


Lionel writes . . .

My friend gave me some of the Preterist interpretations of “eschatological” Scriptures and it seemed so right and reasonable that, to his pleased surprise, I told him, “I’m already almost Preterist!” It’s the only interpretation of those Scriptures I’ve ever read that seemed to fit. (Is Frederick Farrar of this persuasion?). HOW I COULD HAVE LIVED 65 YEARS, READ SO MUCH OF THE EARLY CHURCH FATHERS (Augustine, Anselm, Calvin, Luther, etc., Documents of the Christian Church, Valiant for the Truth, Ecclesiastical History, etc and many more modern Reformed) AND NEVER, I MEAN N E V E R, COME ACROSS THIS REFRESHING INTERPRETATION OF ESCHATOLOGY – IF THAT’S EVEN THE WORD FOR IT – IS ABSOLUTELY STUNNING.  I’ve known for many years who Abraham’s seed were, “Now to Abraham’s seen (singular – Christ) were the promises made” and “If ye be Christ’s, then are ye Abraham’s seed,” etc which most every Christian I know misinterprets, so I know how ignorance can reign. But I NEVER THOUGHT ANYTHING SO REMARKABLE AS PRETERISM COULD BE SO HIDDEN FROM ME. It just blows my mind! As an Amillenialist, most of those Scriptures always confused me. I’m going to read more of your opinions and interpretations. Thank you. God Bless. Lionel Ledbetter, primabaptpoet@yahoo.com


Susan writes . . .

I had my big paradigm shift about 8 months ago and it’s been like bible study on steroids ever since. It is great to meet some other lady Preterists. I have only met guys since becoming a “past fulfillment” believer. So, it’s nice to see other women as excited and motivated to take a deeper look at the bible and question the status quo. I was a pre-millenniast since being saved, about 14 years ago. Most of my Christian sisters are still pre-milleniast but there are a few you have the independence of mind to investigate Preterism. I live in San Francisco. Are any of you close to the Bay Area? God Bless, Susan

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