and finding better answers in a fulfilled covenantal view

Olivet Discourse Fulfilled – A Short Film

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7 Responses to Olivet Discourse Fulfilled – A Short Film

  1. Haviv Ben-Chaim says:

    let you know that Olivet Discourse Movie Exp no work and waiting loading long
    thanks Haviv

  2. Haviv Ben-Chaim says:

    final works thanks and amen wonderful smile

  3. Ian says:

    That was some rad. Thanks.
    Nice to see something concise on the topic and not be required to read a thousand pages.

  4. Riley, I can’t even get past the opening slides:

    “Because of their understanding of Old Testament prophecy, the disciples knew that Jesus fit the TIMING of when the Messiah should come.”

    It appears this is in reference to his first coming (the reference to OT prophecy). If so, where do we get this notion that the disciples expected it in their day based on OT prophecy? Simeon may have been given a direct vision, but by all other indicators (e.g. prophecies about a Messiah coming at the end of exile, with the rebuilding of the city, at the establishment of the 2nd temple, with the ascension of Joshua and Zerubbabel, or with the cleansing of the 2nd temple after Antiochus IV’s death), the coming of the Messiah was quite late, delayed by hundreds of years.

    I’m sure I’m blanking on something. Thanks!

    James Metzger

    • Riley says:

      Hi James,
      Sorry for the delay, I am just now seeing this. I just returned from an amazing and revelatory trip to Israel-Palestine with a group that I’ve been studying peace and reconciliation with. Needless to say it was impactful in surprising ways, getting to meet Israeli Jews and Palestinian Christians and Muslims learning to understand and humanize one another. I’m still taken aback by the plight of the Palestinians, the daily deaths and injustices inflicted upon them, and how little the world hears or cares about it. Anyway.
      To your point, it is my understanding, that based on their understanding of when Daniel’s 490 year prophecy was to be fulfilled and bring in the Messiah, there was a wave of “Messianic Fever” among some around the time Jesus was born and young. That the signs were being looked for, and weren’t so surprising to all. Is that not what you have learned?

      Also, are you aware that you come off as quite critical and haughty? “I can’t even get past your first slide” Really? You sound like I’m making you puke and no one forced you to watch it or even come to my site. I put a lot of work into this stuff and it means a lot to me. How many other young mothers are spending their precious free time trying to get people to think outside the theological box a little? Trying to help people at least think about things here. A little encouragement for my effort wouldn’t kill you.


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