When trusting Jesus more, leads to questioning traditional lore

Got H.E.A.R.T S.?

Got H.E.A.R.T.S.

An Acronym that stands for principles that are good to remember when reading the Bible.

Hebrew Environment

Audience Relevance

Timing Statements

Sounds simple? Do, it. Then stand back and be amazed at how these three little principles change everything you thought you knew about the Gospel!


One Response to Got H.E.A.R.T S.?

  1. Tracy says:

    Wow, Riley, love that ACRONYM! I came up with HAT HAT – Hermeneutics, Audience Relevance, Time Statements, History, Apocalyptic Language, and Typology. But really that would be HART HALT, ha.

    This is a great site, and I look forward to reading more! I know what you mean about the “So What?” about preterism – I get that a lot. When I don’t get that indifferent response, I get the ones that say I am trying to take away someone’s hope, or bursting their belief bubble. And I do understand that response, since I was there.

    Glad to have found you, keep up the great writing!

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