When trusting Jesus more, leads to questioning traditional lore

Is God Coming? An Advent Poem

Is God coming? God is here!
Can’t you see him all around you?
From the first light of creation,
To the moment that he found you.

We’re not abandoned or left comfortless.
But Scripture reveals a pattern that we’ve missed.
His comings aren’t limited two, the bridegroom hasn’t been “delayed”.
Comings run through Scripture like a thread, our perception needs to be remade.

Not all comings were in his body, to be seen and touched and heard,
He was in the Burning Bush and Firey Furnace, as much as at his Birth.
He was the “rock” that Moses struck, yes his “goings forth have been from of old,”
Many even see him in the Angel of the Lord.

A resurrected Jesus came to disciples in the Upper Room,
He met the couple on Emmaus and turned them from their gloom.
Then he left so he could empower us and send,
His Spirit down at Pentecost to fill us from within.

But the comings kept on coming. And then He came again.

He appeared to Stephen, looking down from the Father’s side,
He came to Paul on Damascus road – so swift it made him blind.
He spoke the law out of Peter and said God’s people would eat freely.
He came to John on Patmos Isle saying – ten times! – a coming “SOON” he’d see.

And the Glorious Coming of the Lord?
Happened – just as sure as Jesus gave his word.
At the Consummation of the Ages, and in his Father’s style,
He completed our atonement and ‘came again’ a priestly ‘second time’.

The Temple fell, the harvest was reaped. God’s people birthed anew.
The germinated seed sprung forth, and shed its shell of doom.
With law fulfilled and passed away, one New Humanity from two,
The breath of life restored at last! Hades and death are through.

We are Kingdom of eternal light, where there’s no more dividing ‘sea’.
We are ‘New Heaven and New Earth’, from deathly curse now free.
New Creation – are we not? The night of Old Covenant chased away,
The Sun of Righteousness shines forth in us – a New Eternal Day.

Is God coming? Yes continually – Maranatha! – can’t you see?
What need is there to see a body that would end our history?
How fine a thing to trust he came, making us complete,
So now, “Behold, the presence of our God lives with humanity!”

If that’s not enough, he comes for us, when our life is through.
But, before that, if we’re lucky, there’s a coming that we’ll know.
He comes in a special way when we love another soul.
For to love another person, IS to see the FACE OF GOD.



6 Responses to Is God Coming? An Advent Poem

  1. Tim Martin says:


    This is just awesome. I want you to know that I will be using this when I preach in two weeks. I’ll credit you, but this is just amazing.

    Thanks for your contribution. This is going to be around for a long, long time. You watch…


    Tim Martin

  2. Very nice, Riley; well done!:)

  3. Very, Riley, thank you for sharing this wonderful gift!:)

  4. Awesome! I get it! I also liked your sermon where you said Jesus did not come to take us out of the world but to transform the world. I am tired of “retreat theology”. I like things on this site.

    • Riley says:

      Thank you Dave! I see you’re in Montanta. If you like the ideas on this site, I know of a great church in Whitehall Montana that shares many of these same views. Very optimistic!

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