When trusting Jesus more, leads to questioning traditional lore

For Us and Our Salvation

It all happened. All for YOU. All for love. All for US and our salvation.
God loved us so much that he made a way to live with us. To be together with us. To be present in our lives, to be ONE with us. He didn’t want to miss a thing.

It wasn’t Gods idea of a good time to be simply engaged to his bride, us, for thousands of years. The engagement, like many Christian engagements, was actually quite short. It was Gods good idea to actually “marry” us and set up house with us, and, like a good husband drawing upon first century Jewish wedding imagery, to “bring us to where he is” that we might live together forever.

What are we waiting for? We do not live in a holding pattern with God, waiting for ‘someday’. God is HERE and NOW, alive and well, living IN and among us. He even says so over and over in his word!

How can we practice being more AWAKE and alive to Gods presence within and among us today? How might we open our eyes and SEE and hear and taste his goodness all around us? How might we be a vessel through which His Spirit can flow through and ABIDE with others? This is partnering with God. This is being truly AWAKE.

OPEN YOUR EYES! says Jesus. To them, and to us, as He beckons us to see him, to really see him.

See and hear and taste that the Lord is Good. Be present with the Spirit in you and around you today.


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