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What is a “Coming of God?”

What is a “Coming of God”? Part 1 of 4 There is much confusion in Christianity today surrounding the milieu of biblical eschatology. Specifically, there is widespread misunderstanding about the nature and timing of Jesus’ coming, arrival or presence (parousia in Greek). In popular preaching and imagination, it’s often called his “second coming” or “return.”Continue Reading

The Good News Reached ‘All the World’

      Has the Gospel been preached to all the world? Is ‘the end’ about to come? When you’re speaking with someone who is new to the topic of Fulfilled eschatology, (the understanding that all Bible prophecy, including Jesus’ coming, was fulfilled by 70AD) there is one objection that often comes up.It goes somethingContinue Reading

Revelation and Time, part I

It is nearly universally accepted in Christianity that the first four chapters of the book of Revelation were addressed to their named recipients, the seven churches in Asia Minor. Most also affirm that they were fulfilled in the first century. What happens next, in many interpretations, however, is funny. Many traditions say that the bookContinue Reading

Was Preterism Erased From the Bible?

Jesus gave the Great Commission, and people started taking his teaching throughout the world. New Testament letters were written, sent and assembled into collections. Centuries later the printing press was invented and Bibles started being printed. Bibles began to be translated into other languages. Anyone who has known more than one language knows that translationContinue Reading

Awakening to the Sacred Presence of Jesus

Audience Relevance: Awakening to Sacred Presence of Jesus Let’s pretend for a moment that Jesus didn’t know everything when he was on earth. That he didn’t speak to people about the distant future, far removed from them, but that he spoke to them about their immediate future. That he really cared for his immediate audienceContinue Reading

One Thing I Love…

One thing I love about theologians who have a past fulfillment view of theology, or Preterists, is the way that they notice and pay attention to details and even entire portions of Scripture that have gone largely unnoticed. When I first began reading preterist exegesis I felt like a beginner again, even though I hadContinue Reading

Time Statements, The Value of

Have you ever wondered about the imminent time statements regarding eschatological events in the New Testament? These events include Jesus’ coming or Parousia, the Resurrection and Judgment. There are over one hundred imminent statements regarding these events. One hundred percent of these time statements are both imminent and directed towards their first century audience. WhichContinue Reading

The 5 S’s of Church Error

The Five S’s of Church ErrorContinue Reading