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The Preterist Bible is here!

The Preterist Bible is here!

The Preterist Bible (now in its second edition) is finished and ready to order! When you begin to study the Bible from a Preteristic, Fulfilled or Realized eschatological view and examine the Bible in its original languages, you quickly begin to see how much of the Bible was mistranslated, translated poorly, left out or otherwise changed inContinue Reading

“Olivet Discourse in Covenant Perspective” Pt 2

This is the second part of my study “Olivet Discourse in Covenant Perspective.” It’s an overview of Jesus’ 13 signs of the End of the Age and their first century fulfillments. This is one of my favorite Bible studies because it is fascinating to see all that was fulfilled and that the worst is behindContinue Reading

“Olivet Discourse In Covenant Perspective” Study Video Pt 1

Here is a video introduction to a study I made called “The Olivet Discourse in Covenant Perspective”. This is video series a brief introduction of a 12-16 week Bible Study on the Olivet Discourse from a Covenantal or Fulfilled perspective. This study questions the traditional notion of the nature and timing of Jesus’ coming, itContinue Reading

Rethinking the Resurrection: In the Beginning (part 3)

We’re taking a critical look at the general Resurrection of believers as taught in Scripture. We’re testing the idea of a corporate body of believers Resurrecting spiritually in 70AD against Scripture. We’re also weighing in on the creeds and why they need to change. Let’s start at the Beginning. Part of the confusion about theContinue Reading

The Good News Reached ‘All the World’

      Has the Gospel been preached to all the world? Is ‘the end’ about to come? When you’re speaking with someone who is new to the topic of Fulfilled eschatology, (the understanding that all Bible prophecy, including Jesus’ coming, was fulfilled by 70AD) there is one objection that often comes up.It goes somethingContinue Reading

What did Paul mean? – “All Israel Will Be Saved” (Rom 11:26)

Paul’s statement in Romans 11 that “all Israel will be saved,”  has baffled Christians for centuries. Here is a helpful article giving an Old Testament context and covenantal background of Paul’s statement. Max King is a genius with a way of making his point clear and taking the mystery out of otherwise confusing issues. AndContinue Reading

Resurrection: Taking Another Look

    I thought this was an interesting and thought-provoking article, especially the last third of it. It is a critique of the traditional view of our resurrection from a Preterist or Fulfilled view.     Physical Resurrection? An open letter from Dan Harden to Hank Hanegraff on the resurrection of believers To Hank Hanegraff:Continue Reading

Heaven, Earth and Sea Sermon, Part 3

This is Part 3 of a sermon I recently preached and discussed with folks at church regarding how the terms “heaven, earth and sea” are often used to describe convenantal – not material – realities in the Bible’s redemption story. Here is the rest of a list of examples within the major narratives of theContinue Reading

Heaven, Earth, Sea in Temple Creation Sermon, Part 1

Here is a sermon (which we discussed afterwards) that I recently gave at our church. I’m splitting it up into a few parts.  Let’s start with the BIG picture of where we are in Biblical history. This is a timeline of Old Testament history in terms of Temples. Since we are reading through 1 Kings,Continue Reading

Did Jesus say He would come before His disciples evangelized Palestine?

Did Jesus say He would come before His disciples evangelized Palestine? What did Jesus mean when he said this? Was he being cryptic or speaking plainly?  Mat 10:23 When they persecute you in one town, flee to the next, for truly, I say to you, you will not have gone through all the towns ofContinue Reading