When trusting Jesus more, leads to questioning traditional lore

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Waging Peace: Live from Israel/Palestine

I’m in Israel/Palestine this week immersing into the heart-breaking realities of people suffering and people making and becoming free. Let’s dive right in. The hardest part for me to see the destroyed villages, knowing what happened there before and what their empty ruins represent today. The next hardest thing so far has been going toContinue Reading

How Do We Foster Our Children’s Faith?

I recently read a good article by a mother on a blog called ModernAlternativeMama.com called “Finding My Way as a Christian Mom” .In the article, one of the things the author was wondering, is what activities or things to do with her children to best pass on her Christian faith to them. She was not raisedContinue Reading

The Five S’s of Church Error

Early in my journey to a past fulfillment or preterist view of Scripture, I had the question, “How could the mainstream church have been so wrong for so long about eschatology?” I asked the question this way, because I held to the presupposition that God wouldn’t let the mainstream western church body be in errorContinue Reading

Right Here, Right Now

Plant your own garden and decorate your own soul, instead of waiting for someone to bring you flowers – Veronica Shoffstal This quote I read today expresses an attitude that many come to feel after coming to a Preterist, or Fulfilled Salvation, view. When you come to a Fulfilled Salvation view, you cease waiting forContinue Reading

Preterist Testimonies. Opened Eyes. Changed Lives.

Preterist Testimonies. Opened Eyes. Changed Lives.

Here’s my story, in short. MY JOURNEY TO PRETERISM… Was like whip-lash at first … it caused a paradigm shift … but not to be feared, as it brought a bigger, more loving and present experience of Jesus … but at first, it wasn’t easy … like many, my story began with a healthy curiosityContinue Reading

The Big “So What?”

Here is my response to a friend who recently asked me about The Big ‘So What’ of a fulfilled gospel view, or preterism. So what if it’s true that everything was fulfilled? What difference does it make in your daily life? Well, here’s my answer to that today. “Dear —- , I heard that youContinue Reading

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My email address is RileyPowell@post.harvard.edu Feel free to leave a comment here about my presentations on AD70.net radio.Continue Reading