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What is a “Coming of God?”

What is a “Coming of God”? Part 1 of 4 There is much confusion in Christianity today surrounding the milieu of biblical eschatology. Specifically, there is widespread misunderstanding about the nature and timing of Jesus’ coming, arrival or presence (parousia in Greek). In popular preaching and imagination, it’s often called his “second coming” or “return.”Continue Reading

Who Or What Are “all creation” In the Bible?

 How was the term “all creation” (Gk ktisis) used in biblical thought?  In other words, how was this term used by Ancient Near Eastern, Hebrew writers? Did it mean something different to them, then, than it does to us today? Let’s first look at some Scriptures to ascertain the nature of the term “all creation” –Continue Reading

The Preterist Bible is here!

The Preterist Bible is here!

The Preterist Bible (now in its second edition) is finished and ready to order! When you begin to study the Bible from a Preteristic, Fulfilled or Realized eschatological view and examine the Bible in its original languages, you quickly begin to see how much of the Bible was mistranslated, translated poorly, left out or otherwise changed inContinue Reading

“Olivet Discourse in Covenant Perspective” Pt 2

This is the second part of my study “Olivet Discourse in Covenant Perspective.” It’s an overview of Jesus’ 13 signs of the End of the Age and their first century fulfillments. This is one of my favorite Bible studies because it is fascinating to see all that was fulfilled and that the worst is behindContinue Reading

Heaven, Earth, Sea in Temple Creation Sermon, Part 1

Here is a sermon (which we discussed afterwards) that I recently gave at our church. I’m splitting it up into a few parts.  Let’s start with the BIG picture of where we are in Biblical history. This is a timeline of Old Testament history in terms of Temples. Since we are reading through 1 Kings,Continue Reading

Did Jesus Say John Would Live To See His Coming?

The Gospel of John ends with an interesting twist. It ends with Jesus directing the gaze of Peter and John off into their futures and to how their deaths “would glorify God”. Peter, who denied Jesus,  would be crucified and die a martyr’s death. John, the Beloved disciple, the only one at the foot ofContinue Reading

Galatians and the New Jerusalem

The other day at our church gathering, two friends and I talked about Galatians. They shared some thoughts about new perspectives on Paul, which are about a more Hebrew and contextual way of reading Paul than what has been typically done in Christianity. They asked us to try and understand Judaism on it’s own terms,Continue Reading

Was Preterism Erased From the Bible?

Jesus gave the Great Commission, and people started taking his teaching throughout the world. New Testament letters were written, sent and assembled into collections. Centuries later the printing press was invented and Bibles started being printed. Bibles began to be translated into other languages. Anyone who has known more than one language knows that translationContinue Reading