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Amillenialism, Partial-Preterism, Full Preterism – What’s the Difference?

Here is a great article by Mike Sullivan that helps explain the main differences between Amillenialism, Partial-Preterism and Full-Preterism. It also exposes some of the inconsistencies in the former two, and how Full-Preterism is the organic outgrowth of a consistently applied reformed hermeneutic. In other words, if you consistently apply reformed hermeneutical or interpretive principlesContinue Reading

Rethinking the Resurrection (part 6): Is The Resurrection Past?

Rethinking the Resurrection (part 6): Is The Resurrection Past?

Here is another good read by David Embury about the corporate body resurrection, below. He writes about a concept that, looking back, I can’t believe I didn’t notice in Scripture before, but it is right before our eyes.  Did you know that the New Testament records several instances where the first century believers thought thatContinue Reading

Rethinking the Resurrection (part 5): We Shall Be Like Him

Rethinking the Resurrection (part 5): We Shall Be Like Him

Here is a post about the concept “we shall be like Him” (1Jn 3:2), in regard to Jesus’ – and first century spiritual Israel’s/our – resurrection, which has been often and mistakenly used to support the idea of a future physical-body general resurrection. It is a repost by David Embury over at Pantelism.com. This post is a continuation – afterContinue Reading

Who Or What Are “all creation” In the Bible?

 How was the term “all creation” (Gk ktisis) used in biblical thought?  In other words, how was this term used by Ancient Near Eastern, Hebrew writers? Did it mean something different to them, then, than it does to us today? Let’s first look at some Scriptures to ascertain the nature of the term “all creation” –Continue Reading

“Olivet Discourse in Covenant Perspective” Pt 2

This is the second part of my study “Olivet Discourse in Covenant Perspective.” It’s an overview of Jesus’ 13 signs of the End of the Age and their first century fulfillments. This is one of my favorite Bible studies because it is fascinating to see all that was fulfilled and that the worst is behindContinue Reading

Rethinking the Resurrection (part 4): Why did Jesus have to die?

We’ve been talking about the meaning of Resurrection, both what Jesus’ was and what ours is. We’re taking another look at Resurrection in light of the eschatology of Jesus as a historical first century Jewish Apocalyptic.  Namely, not as someone who taught that the end of history or the space-time world was upon them, butContinue Reading

Rethinking the Resurrection: In the Beginning (part 3)

We’re taking a critical look at the general Resurrection of believers as taught in Scripture. We’re testing the idea of a corporate body of believers Resurrecting spiritually in 70AD against Scripture. We’re also weighing in on the creeds and why they need to change. Let’s start at the Beginning. Part of the confusion about theContinue Reading

Heaven, Earth and Sea Sermon, Part 2

This is Part 2 of a sermon I recently preached and discussed with folks at church regarding how the terms “heaven, earth and sea” are often used to describe convenantal – not material – realities in the Bible’s redemption story. Here are examples where the term “heaven and earth” seems to be describing the peopleContinue Reading

“Most Futurists Are Unrealized Preterists”

Here is an interesting post by Preterist author David Green on another site. He is responding to a another person who wrote to assert a common question/objection about Preterism, namely, why so many early church fathers “missed” prophetic fulfillment for so long. If futurism is an error, that doesn’t mean the Spirit “has been aContinue Reading