When trusting Jesus more, leads to questioning traditional lore

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What is a “Coming of God?”

What is a “Coming of God”? Part 1 of 4 There is much confusion in Christianity today surrounding the milieu of biblical eschatology. Specifically, there is widespread misunderstanding about the nature and timing of Jesus’ coming, arrival or presence (parousia in Greek). In popular preaching and imagination, it’s often called his “second coming” or “return.”Continue Reading

“Lengthening”, Lent in the Holy Land, pt 1

The word “Lent” comes from a root word meaning “lengthening,” like the lengthening hours of sunlight which will bring the long, warm days of summer. Normally during Lent we think of giving something up for 40 days as we approach Easter, so as to prepare spiritually before we celebrate Christ’s Resurrection. This year, perhaps moreContinue Reading

Waging Peace: Live from Israel/Palestine

I’m in Israel/Palestine this week immersing into the heart-breaking realities of people suffering and people making and becoming free. Let’s dive right in. The hardest part for me to see the destroyed villages, knowing what happened there before and what their empty ruins represent today. The next hardest thing so far has been going toContinue Reading

Olivet Discourse Fulfilled – A Short Film

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N.T Wright On the Black Hole of Understanding About ‘Parousia’

Here is a quote of N.T. Wright wisely criticizing the academy’s over-attachment to tradition. He is nearly calling for reform on the topic of traditional beliefs about the often-misunderstood idea of Jesus’ ‘parousia‘. Parousia simply means ‘presence’ or ‘arrival’. It sometimes get’s translated as ‘second coming’ but it does not mean ‘second coming to endContinue Reading

The Contemporary Relevance of Augustine’s View of Creation

I thought this was a great article. The Contemporary Relevance of Augustine’s View of Creation Davis A. Young Dept. of Geology, Geography & Environmental Studies Calvin College Grand Rapids, Ml 49506 From:  Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith 40.1:42-45 (3/1988)  A common impression exists among lay Christians and many non-Christians that the church interpreted GenesisContinue Reading

How Do We Foster Our Children’s Faith?

I recently read a good article by a mother on a blog called ModernAlternativeMama.com called “Finding My Way as a Christian Mom” .In the article, one of the things the author was wondering, is what activities or things to do with her children to best pass on her Christian faith to them. She was not raisedContinue Reading

Our Fulfilled Spiritual Resurrection

Challenging Concepts of the Resurrection William Bell, Jr. It is clear that for some, resurrection can only mean the rising of a [physical] human body from the grave. Such is observed in the comment by Wayne Jackson. “What ever there is about man that “lies down” when he dies, is that which will “stand up”Continue Reading

Resurrecting the Shalom in the World

Resurrecting the Shalom in the World It seems that one of God’s Big Ideas for the world is, and has been, to ultimately bring shalom, or a kind of peace, justice and universal flourishing to the world. Though this may seem like a far off hope for those living in places of real suffering today,Continue Reading

Amillenialism, Partial-Preterism, Full Preterism – What’s the Difference?

Here is a great article by Mike Sullivan that helps explain the main differences between Amillenialism, Partial-Preterism and Full-Preterism. It also exposes some of the inconsistencies in the former two, and how Full-Preterism is the organic outgrowth of a consistently applied reformed hermeneutic. In other words, if you consistently apply reformed hermeneutical or interpretive principlesContinue Reading