When trusting Jesus more, leads to questioning traditional lore

About Riley

RILEY O’BRIEN POWELL, M.DIV, ED.M: Riley lives in Minneapolis with her husband, Skip Powell, MD, and their children. She is a covenant participant and theologian-in-residence at Solomon’s Porch Holistic, Missional, Christian Community in Minneapolis, MN.

EDUCATION: Riley holds a Bachelors of Arts in Art History from Wheaton College, Wheaton IL. She holds a Master of Divinity, Princeton Seminary, Princeton, NJ. She holds a Certificate in Teaching from Princeton University, Princeton, NJ.  She holds a Master of Education from Harvard University, Cambridge, MA.

AWARDS: The Samuel Robinson Prize, Princeton Theological Seminary christmas photo

INTERESTS: Her theological interests focus on Preterist Theology, Fulfilled Covenantal Theology and also include Old and New Testament Theology, Textual Criticism, Jewish Apocalypticism, Christian Eschatology, Second-Temple Judaism, Church History, Gnostic & Early Church Writings, Social Justice, Church Reform and the Emergent Church Movement.

LECTURES: Riley has been a lecturer and visiting professor of Old Testament Studies at Daystar Universtiy, Nairobi, Kenya. She has guest taught in Adult Sunday School classes and preached at various Churches in Minneapolis, MN.

OTHER FUN FACTS:  In short, Riley is a  theologian who seeks to spread insight and compassion through teaching and writing. Believing that true religion is caring for orphans and widows, Riley has worked in microfinance for Opportunity International, bringing financial justice to the poorest of the working poor. Believing that people

Riley is also a former financial advisor at a major Wall Street wirehouse but resigned from that position to satisfy her desire to dedicate more focused time to theological writing and being with her family.

This site is dedicated to sharing and discussing ideas related to Preterism or Fulfilled Covenant Eschatology (a Full Preterist or ‘Kingdom now’ view of Biblical Eschatology and Apocalypticism) and how this effects our lives, faith and service in the world. Riley’s dream is for more Christian thought-leaders to have a working understanding of a fulfilled Covenantal framework and to thoughtfully engage in a discussion about how this effects how we view God and one another. This site seeks to help people become informed about a Covenantal view and the incredible possibilities for it to transform the world of Christian faith and practice . She states, “When a critical mass comes to see the teachings of Jesus as being fulfilled and fulfilling through us in the world today – not to us in the future –  people will discover a Jesus who was reliable, trustworthy, timely, authoritative and faithful. One who kept his promise to return to his own generation (Mt 24:34) and complete their salvation. When we understand what he did, and when, we’ll stop asking when he will come, and start asking how He DID come, DOES come and how He DWELLS here among us, and within each image-bearer now. When we do this we will discover a more fulfilled, free and peace-filled faith than we knew before. Once people catch on to how well this view flows from Scripture and history, how much sense it makes for our lives and the world, this will form the basis for nothing less than the next Christian Reformation“.

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PERSONAL LIFE: Both from Minnesota, Riley and Skip love learning about people and cultures around the world. They visited dozens of countries before meeting and continue to enjoy traveling together. After growing up just blocks away from each other in MN they did not meet until after seminary for her and medical  school for him, while volunteering in El Salvador. Both have taught, volunteered and climbed mountains in Kenya and have since done medical research and volunteering together near Base Camp of Nepal’s Mount Everest. They both love being in nature, traveling, exercise and spending time with their children, “…so much to see and do in this very short life.”

Other topics that interest Riley are natural health, the healing power of a whole and living foods diet, children and homebirth. See Riley’s sister site about natural health: MostlyRawMom.com